Staying Fashionable During Later Pregnancy

Many woman do not look forward to the changes in their body that herald a change in their wardrobe. Most women are unable to wear most of their regular clothing by the second trimester. Some find this very upsetting. Selecting fashionable clothing that flatters the changing shape of your body will help you stay happy in your skin.

In the past women were expected to don tent-like shirts and unfitted dresses. Many women found themselves in sweatpants out of desperation. Today, woman have many other options. Many designers offer flattering clothes designed for the curves of a pregnant body.

One staple of any wardrobe is the maxi dress. These dresses were originally Indian maternity wear that was adopted into everyday fashion. These loose fitting and bright dresses will flatter you no matter what trimester you are in. Maxis have gathered bodices and a high waistline that allows your growing baby belly plenty of room to expand all the way through the third trimester. You may even be able to continue to wear these lovely dresses long after giving birth.

Two staples of the modern wardrobe are leggings and tunics. Both are prefect for the fashionable pregnant woman. Maternity leggings will look just like regular legging but will have extra fabric around the waist to cover your growing belly. A maternity tunic may have extra material at the front. Other than that, they will look just like a regular tunic.

No matter your style, it can be adapted to a pregnant body. Don’t be afraid to stay stylish as your body changes!

Hair And Nails

You will also be able to continue to use beauty treatments. With a little common sense, you can take advantage of your thickening hair and stronger nails. A new haircut and manicure are often just the thing when you are feeling low about yourself.

It is true that some treatments are not recommended for pregnant women. You shouldn’t use permanent hair dye or bleach. Nor should you use chemical hair removal products. These products contain chemicals that are dangerous to the developing fetus. They are absorbed by the skin into the bloodstream and can cause harm.

You should also avoid tooth and skin whitening products. Peroxide is the active ingredient in tooth whiteners. It is perfectly safe for adults. But, it has not been studied in fetuses. Skin whiteners contain a number of different chemicals, most of which have not been tested for safety.

You can use makeup, sunscreen and lotions. You can also use most sun tanners and nail polishes. Try to use all natural products. Non-chemical sunscreen is best, look for products without oxybenzone. Phthalate-free nail polish is the safest. Polish is not absorbed through the nail, but the chemical is in the odor.

As your pregnancy develops, you need not find it difficult to be comfortable in your own skin. So, wear something that makes you happy. Sport a pretty color on your nails. It is well worth it to maintain your self-esteem through the last two trimesters.