Doctors prescribe medications to their patients when a health condition requires treatment with pharmaceuticals. When patients fail to take their medications as prescribed, that health problem will rapidly spiral out of control, causing complications that could land the patient in the hospital in serious condition. South Africa is currently suffering from high rates of re-hospitalizations and emergency room treatments for people who do not take their medication properly. Medical reminders received as a phone message alert will not only reduce health costs but will also significantly decrease death rates annually caused by people who fail to remember to take their medication.

Pill Pal understands how easy it is to get caught up in everyday tasks and those unexpected little emergencies that make us forget things we should remember–like taking our medication. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular illnesses need specially formulated medication to prevent systemic diseases from further harming the individual’s health. For example, if a diabetic needs medication to regulate their blood glucose levels and he or she forgets to take even one dose, their sugar levels could plunge or spike so acutely they could faint, develop shock or even lapse into a coma.

Medicine reminders provided by Pill Pal are sent conveniently via phone SMS when it is time for the individual to take a prescribed medication. Pill Pal is an automatic alert message that can be clearly heard when working or performing daily errands. This automatically generated reminder allows you to focus on important items that require your complete attention without worrying about forgetting to take your medicine. In addition, medicine reminders offered by Pill Pal are simple to enroll in and only takes a few minutes of your time to provide the necessary information to one of our representatives.

Pill Pal’s automatic medication reminders may also provide encouragement for people who do not like taking medication and have a habit of deliberately forgetting to take them. Whether you receive your alert via SMS or phone call, being reminded that it is time to take your medication helps emphasize the fact that you have a chronic condition demanding medication that can prevent your chronic condition from harming you further and possibly shortening your life.

Seniors suffering from memory problems or mild to moderate dementia will also benefit from opting in to medical reminders provided by Pill Pal. Instead of worrying about whether you took your medication or if you gave yourself the right amount, you can depend on Pill Pal to send you medication reminders at the right time with the right information you need to stay feeling healthy and confident knowing you are taking your medication as prescribed by your doctor.

Stay out of the hospital, keep your doctor happy and remain an integral part of your family and friend’s lives for many happy years with medicine reminders delivered by Pill Pal.