Pill Pal not only reminds you to take your medication on time but also provides the following additional benefits:

  • Delivery of a voice prompt, an SMS (short message service) or both if desired.
  • Ensures that clients receive their unique prompt by using special detection software that informs Pill Pal whether someone as actually listened to and heard the prompt or has simply hung up without listening.
  • Voice messages are recorded by professional messaging individuals with strong, clear voices who provide prompts in all South African native tongues: Afrikaans, English and isiZulu.
  • Information regarding dosage details and how often a client is supposed to take his/her medication is gathered by Pill Pal representatives via an easy-to-fill-out, online registration form. Pill Pal take this information very seriously and also takes the time to confirm all information provided in order to guarantee clients receive superior, dependable service.
  • When Pill Pal receives a “no answer” report on a call and cannot make contact with a client, we immediately contact the patient’s nearest relative to inform them we have not been able to remind the client that it is time to take his/her medication. Further action is then left up to the relative or emergency contact person, since we have no other way to contact the client other than through our medicine reminder system.

Why Chose Pill Pal?

Not only does Pill Pal save lives, we also offer extraneous benefits not found with other medicine alert agencies. Advantages to enrolling in our program include:

The option of choosing among five different packages designed to accommodate the unique needs of people suffering from chronic illnesses. Remember, you can elect to be alerted via an SMS, a phone call or both types of message forms. Whether you are supposed to take your medication once, twice or three times a day, we will will be sure to call you each and every time you are supposed to take your medicine.

For extra convenience, Pill Pal will be providing bank debit order instructions on our website that allows for easy, once-a-month payment. However, added fees may be incurred if clients ignore messages and we must take time to ensure a relative is contacted. In addition, Pill Pal issues a monthly report at the end of every 30 day cycle on all ignored occurrences.

Clients and their closest relatives can log into Pill Pal’s system to view records of contacts and conversations we have had with the client at any time they wish. We do not simply send out random messages hoping that a client “obeys” the message. Instead, Pill Pal is a more personalized medication alert company that genuinely cares about the health and well-being of our clients. We feel responsible for everyone who signs up to receive alerts through our system and truly want what is best for all our clients.

5 Benefits Seniors Will Enjoy By Relying on Pill Pal

1. Noncompliance, or forgetting to take prescribed medications, is one of the top reasons senior citizens suffer illness relapses severe enough to send them to the emergency room. It is normal to experience memory problems as an aging adult and worrying about taking the right amount of medications at the right time only exacerbates the difficulty of remembering everyday details. Enrolling in Pill Pal allows seniors to go about their daily lives knowing that a friendly reminder will always call or text them when it is time to take their medication.

2. Trying to keep several different medications separated in pill containers (one for each day of the week) is confusing and aggravating to most senior citizens. In addition, some medications are not in pill form and cannot be placed in a plastic container. With Pill Pal, you don’t have to mess with your medications until you have to take them!

3. Writing down times, dosage amounts and names of medications is also confusing. Medication notebooks are easy to misplace and seniors often forget to refer to their notations altogether.

4. Relatives and friends of loved ones who depend on several medications to maintain good health may have to constantly remind them to take their medication. In addition, asking seniors if they took their medicine typically results in the older adult responding that they can’t remember if they took their pills. This can lead to frustration and resentment on the part of the friend or relative who genuinely cares about their loved one and does not want to see them back in the hospital.

5. Peace of mind! When you know that Pill Pal will always be there to remind you to take your medication, you can concentrate on more important things in life–grandchildren, hobbies, socializing with friends or just relaxing with a good book.

Pill Pal Will Always Be There For You

Accurate, dependable and understanding of your needs, Pill Pal is always there for you regardless of where you are or what you are doing. Feel free to take a short vacation, spend the day with family, take your dog for a long, enjoyable walk or have a late-night dinner with a favorite friend and remain reassured that Pill Pal will send you a prompt reminder regarding your medication needs.

Remember that missing just one dose of most medications can produce serious consequences to your health. Give yourself and the people who love you the gift of Pill Pal, South Africa’s most reputable and popular medicine reminder company.